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ION Medias is a Singapore - China base company and incorporated since 2002. Currently, our company headquartered in Shanghai and operate in 2 sectors - Information Technology Services and SOHO Connected.


As a leading  IT service provider, we work closely with different IT business partners and to provide competent services in  IT Services Management and Consultancy for MNC/ SME and end user across China and other parts in Asia Pacific region. In our 8 years, we had established in the response of new revolution business trends to our business clients and we provide our best value services to them.


Today, we are capable of providing our clients with quality and satisfying services with our team of highly committed and competency consultants (inclusive of Project Management Team, Technical Engineers, Education Specialists) specialize in various industries.








In today information technology, SOHO is a term for the small office or home office environment and business culture. A number of organizations, businesses, and publications now exist to support people who work or have businesses in this environment and we provide the service to set up SOHO network require for them.








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